MINORITY ETHNIC Inspirational Women’s Awards 2018

International Women’s Day on March 8th is a time when we come together as a society to celebrate the diverse achievements of women worldwide and the significant role that women continue to play in every sector of modern society.

It is also an important occasion for us to reflect upon and advocate against the abuse of women’s rights and the ongoing economic, political, social and cultural discrimination that many women continue to face today.

For women of colour, from minority ethnic backgrounds, the challenges are even more complex. In addition to gender-based discrimination, women of colour continue to face additional racial, cultural and faith-based discrimination – purely because of their identity.

To mark this important day and to celebrate the phenomenal achievements of women of colour across the UK, from Muslim, non-Muslim and non-faith backgrounds, Tell MAMA is proud to announce the launch of the first Inspirational Women’s Awards (IWA) for women of colour.


How do I submit a nomination?

To submit a nomination, please complete our online nominations form. In addition to providing the contact details for both yourself and the nominee and information concerning how you know the nominee, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible as to why you think they should win the selected prize. Evidence could include videos, photos and URL links.

Please note: You may submit a nominee for more than one category.