What are the IWA?

The IWA celebrate the successes of women of colour across the UK from grassroots to governmental level, paying tribute to those who have championed a range of causes and fought for the rights and dignity of women both within and outside their own communities on local, regional and national levels.

The awards recognise and celebrate the importance of diversity and the respect for human rights. Every individual has the right to live their life freely, without fear of being targeted because of their identity – irrespective of disability, faith, transgender identity, or sexual orientation. Therefore, the awards are open to women of colour, women of colour with a trans experience, trans women of colour, and non-binary (genderqueer) people of colour.

In line with this principle, all nominees are therefore expected to adhere to our core values of acceptance, tolerance and universal human rights. Each award winner will also be expected to act as an ambassador for these key values of human dignity and social justice.