To commemorate the great variety of achievements within and in collaboration with minority ethnic communities across the UK, the minority ethnic IWA includes 14 key categories open to nominate by members of the public from both minority ethnic and non-minority ethnic backgrounds of any gender.

Please note, unless specified, the awards are open to women of colour only.

The awards categories include:

  • Sportswoman of the Year

    This award recognises significant achievement participating within the field of sports and in addition, may include (but not limited to) advocating for greater participation and inclusion of women of colour within sporting fields.

  • Educational Advocate Award

    Our educational champion award celebrates significant work on any social, cultural or political level within the field of education.

    This may include, but is not limited to

    • Promoting/achieving greater inclusion of children/adults from minority ethnic backgrounds in educational settings;
    • Increasing educational attainment amongst women of colour;
    • Advocating for, creating and/or implementing more inclusive curricula in terms of gender and/or ethnic, cultural, religious diversity;
    • Specifically promoting and enabling access to education for vulnerable women (of any ethnic, cultural or minority background) in particularly difficult circumstances
  • Community Advocate Award

    This award recognises significant achievement on a grass-roots level within minority ethnic communities. It may also include inter-community work amongst different cultural and religious groups.

    Achievements include, but are not limited to:

    • (Inter-)community peacebuilding;
    • Interfaith and intrafaith work;
    • Community-based charity work (e.g. local fundraising);
    • Cultural and intercultural advocacy (promoting, celebrating or educating communities on a community’s socio-cultural heritage and diversity);
    • Promoting social inclusion amongst youth groups, elderly members of the community or (other) vulnerable community members
  • Healthcare Champion Award

    This award honours a woman of colour working within the healthcare sector in any specialist field or in a non-professional capacity as an advocate or skilled service provider.

    Her achievements may include, but are not limited to:

    • Significant success in the promotion and development of quality health care amongst minority ethnic communities and/or wider society;
    • Increasing accessibility to health care amongst MINORITY ETHNIC communities;
    • Creating a greater understanding of the needs of MINORITY ETHNIC communities within the health sector;
    • Excellence in supporting vulnerable patients of any gender, ethnic, cultural or religious background, including victims of torture, FGM and/or human trafficking, through the provision of physiological and/or psychosocial support;
    • Increasing awareness of mental health issues within MINORITY ETHNIC communities and/or providing crucial mental health support and treatment
  • Safety and Safeguarding Champion

    Our Safety and Safeguarding Champion Award recognises significant achievement in helping to keep MINORITY ETHNIC and non-MINORITY ETHNIC individuals and communities safe from harm.

    Some of the many ways this could be achieved is through:

    • Community safeguarding provision and policy including safety training;
    • Child safeguarding provision, enforcement and education;
    • Child protection enforcement and education;
    • Tackling violent crime including hate crime, knife and gun crime;
    • Significant work advocating against/decreasing violent gang membership;
    • Front-line or advocacy work responding to and/or preventing human trafficking, FGM and other forms of physical, emotional, sexual or psychological harm, mistreatment, abuse and exploitation
  • Social Justice Award

    The IWA Social Justice Award pays tribute to the important work of MINORITY ETHNIC female activists from grassroots to governmental level. The winner will have made significant achievements in helping to build a fair, equal and inclusive society in line with the core values of universal human rights.

    Some of the areas nominees may be involved in could be (but are not limited to):

    • LGBT activism e.g. promoting and developing policies and change regarding inclusion, non-discrimination and equality, concerning MINORITY ETHNIC communities;
    • Women’s rights campaigning e.g. advocating against issues of FGM, sexism in the workplace (outside and/or within MINORITY ETHNIC communities);
    • Combatting poverty and inequality (within and/or outside MINORITY ETHNIC communities);
    • Work addressing key human rights abuses e.g. human trafficking and modern slavery (within and/or outside MINORITY ETHNIC communities);
    • Work address racism and inequality towards MINORITY ETHNIC communities;
    • Working promoting freedom of religion and expression within and/or affecting their own MINORITY ETHNIC communities
  • Inspirational Female Entrepreneur of the Year
    • This award recognises the exceptional success of women of colour in business and celebrates innovation, inclusivity and dedication. Nominations are open to women who own their own businesses and/or have made a significant impact on the role and participation of MINORITY ETHNIC women in business or women universally.
  • Inspirational Young Leader Award

    Recognising and delighting in the achievements and successes of our younger generations, the Inspirational Young Leader Award is open to girls aged 13 to 18 years old and celebrates the skills, talent and leadership of girls and young women today within Britain’s minority ethnic communities. Nominations are open to anyone who has made significant achievements in tackling adversity, who have shown great initiative, achieved great success either academically, politically or socially and/or who have otherwise served as an ambassador and beacon for hard work, leadership, equality and inclusion.

  • Arts Advocate Award

    Our Arts Advocate Award recognises and celebrates achievements of women of colour from MINORITY ETHNIC backgrounds within:

    • Art
    • Architecture
    • Fashion, design and textiles
    • Film
    • Literature
    • Music
    • Theatre

    Please note this list is not exhaustive and we welcome nominations for any women of considerable talent who may also have used their creative abilities to promote the arts amongst members of their own MINORITY ETHNIC community through advocacy, professional and educational programmes. We also welcome nominees who have helped promote the inclusion of MINORITY ETHNIC communities within the arts on a local, regional or national level.

  • Faith Leader Award

    At Tell MAMA we feel it is crucial to recognise the key role that women can and must play within their own faith communities. This award is therefore open to MINORITY ETHNIC women of any faith background who have enabled/promoted the spiritual development of their community.

    This could include (but is not limited to):

    • Providing female faith spaces;
    • Increasing female leadership and participation within their own faith institutions;
    • Developing religious teaching methods and/or curricula;
    • Promoting religious education and increasing understanding of their faith within formal or informal settings;
    • Tackling intrafaith discrimination;
    • Tackling extremism and extremist ideologies
  • Excellence in Journalism Award

    Nomination for this award is open to women working in the field of journalism (on a paid or voluntary basis) with full honesty and integrity for the betterment of their neighbours, community members and nation. The winner of this award will also have been dedicated to bringing to light key issues and challenges within British society and their own communities.

  • Political Advocate Award

    This award is open to local politicians and MEPs who have engaged with minority ethnic communities on a substantial level to tackle inequality, inclusion and any critical issues within their own and/or other minority communities. They will have stood as a representative for their own community within the local, regional and national political sphere.

  • Women of Colour Advocate Award

    The WOMEN Of COLOUR  Advocate Award is open to women from non-minority ethnic backgrounds who have significantly supported the needs of and engaged with the challenges faced by women of colour across Britain today. This could be on any level from the grassroots level to on the higher spectrum within governments or local councils within any relevant sphere e.g. social, cultural, economic and/or political.

  • IWA Supporter Award

    This award is open solely for males from any (ethnic, cultural or religious) background who have supported the needs, activism or achievements of women of colour to a significant degree and have fought for their rights, needs and freedoms in any sector and on any level in society.

How do I submit a nomination?

To submit a nomination, please complete our online nominations form. In addition to providing the contact details for both yourself and the nominee and information concerning how you know the nominee, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible as to why you think they should win the selected award. Evidence could include videos, photos and URL links.

Nominations will close at 23.59 GMT on Wednesday 1st August 2018.

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Please note: You may submit a nominee for more than one category.